Ninja Foodi Air Crisp Cooking Chart Printable PDF

Are you looking for Ninja Foodi air crisp cooking chart? This is free printable pdf Air Crisp Cooking Chart for the Cook & Crisp™ Basket for Ninja Foodi.

What is air crisp in an air fryer?

Air crisp is the same as air frying, where the joe air circulates all angles of the food to crisp it up. Air Crisp is a special mode on Ninja Foodi. When using this mode, the food is heated by air at high temperatures between 300°F and 400°F.

Using the cooking functions with the crisping lid

How to use Air Crisp mode on Ninja Foodi?

To turn on the unit, plug the power cord into a wall outlet, then press the Power button.

Add ingredients to the Cook & Crisp Basket or deluxe reversible rack. Close the lid.

Press FUNCTION, then turn the START/STOP dial to select AIR CRISP. The default temperature setting will display. Press TEMP, then turn the dial to choose a temperature between 300°F and 400°F.

Press TIME, then turn the START/STOP dial to adjust the cook time in minute increments up to 1 hour. To preheat your unit, simply add an additional 5 minutes to the cook time. Press START/STOP to begin cooking.

During cooking, you can open the lid and lift out the basket to shake or toss ingredients for even browning, if needed. When done, lower basket back into pot and close lid. Cooking will automatically resume after lid is closed.

When cook time is complete, the unit will beep and display DONE.

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