Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza Recipe & Tips To Pocket

Preparing Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza and making a crunchy pizza shell is fast, easy, and delicious. Tortillas are one simple pantry component that can be turned into pizzas for a tasty snack and meal! 

There are various options, from flour to corn tortillas, particularly with multiple topping options. Below is an excellent post if you desire to be optimistic and create homemade tortillas.

The cake has a golden, crispy crust thanks to baking with an oil-free fryer. The top is richly spiced minced beef intertwined with greasy, attractive cheese.

Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza
A delicious tortilla pizza

How to Have An Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza?


  • A 6′′ flour tortilla: You can use this type to make them more personal.
  • Pesto, red pizza or white Alfredo sauces, BBQ sauce, and any sauce of your choice.
  • Options for shredded cheese include pepper jack, mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, parmesan, and Mexican blend.
  • Toppings for meat include cooked bacon, pepperoni, diced ham, sausage, leftovers, and roast chicken.
  • Toppings for vegetables include sliced onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, bell peppers, chopped dried tomatoes, pineapple with oil, and fresh basil.
  • Taco Tortilla Pizza: One of our favorite taco ingredients. Make one salsa base, then the top of diced green bell peppers, cheese, black beans, and cheese.
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Flour Tortillas

5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Coat the fryer basket equitably with cooking spray. Brush your tortilla with your favorite sauce, like tomato sauce or pizza sauce, then place it in a basket. Make certain that you cover all of the edges.

We usually use less sauce, but you could still use any amount you like. Just be careful not to overdo everything, as too much may cause the tortilla to become soggy.

Step 2

The next step is adding all pepperoni slices and the 14-cup pulverized mozzarella.

As previously stated, you could add much more topping you’d like, but consider that the tortilla seems quite slender and might not contain many ingredients.

In addition, six pepperoni pieces can be used. This choice would be optional, but dry oregano adds a nice pizza flavor.

Step 3

Cook for about 4 minutes in a fryer at the temperature of 400°F. You should check the pizza after one minute to determine whether any ingredients could fly around due to its air circulation. 

Then, you need to return all ingredients to the pan and cook until the cheese has melted and the pepperoni has been sizzling. Carefully remove your pizza using a spatula and perhaps a big pancake flipper.

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An Air Fryer For Making Pizza

Step 4

Transfer a pizza to your cutting board and then set it aside for one minute to cool. Cut into four pieces.

Step 5

Serve and have a mouth-watering dish with your beloved!

Tips For Making The Recipe 

  • Without using oil, flour-type can crisp up quickly in your air fryer. When using corn ones, brush each side with a thin oil coating. The oil contributes to the crispiness of a corn tortilla.
  • Depending on the Recipe, heat all sides of your tortilla. This tip enables the tortilla to crisp and holds up better to the toppings and sauce. It will be difficult to hold a “pizza” if a tortilla becomes too soggy and soft.
  • If you use excess sauce, this would weigh down a tortilla or start making it soggy. A light covering of sauce would then suffice!
  • Allow approximately 2-3 minutes for your food to cool before cutting. Do not even burn the tongue with many hot toppings.
  • Get a fryer rack that fits the air fryer to keep all toppings from attempting to fly around. The burning circulating air could blow the pizza’s cheese or toppings off. These racks may be great for keeping the toppings in place while they heat them. 
  • Every fryer model cooks differently. You may need to heat the pizza for a few minutes longer to achieve the desired texture when you use a big oven-style and toaster-style fryer.


Pizza is a fast food loved by many young people. Now, you can make an air fryer tortilla pizza yourself at home that is both simple and convenient.

An air fryer is ideal for use as one pizza party diner. Make a pizza rack and allow everyone to personalize their food. Arrange your cheese, sauces, and toppings. 

Everybody could start making their pies, while you can supervise an air fryer or prepare the food for them. Alternatively, assign one person to air fry the food so they all cook evenly and do not burn.

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