5 Basic Air Fryer Mistakes

The air fryer is a great product. They help you cook faster, use less oil and are extremely convenient.

They are very easy to use, you just need to prepare the food, press the button and wait to have the dishes you like. However, in the process of using you may need to avoid the following basic errors.

Put too much food in

When your air fryer in operation, the hot air inside needs to circulate all around the food to cook it evenly and uniformly. If you crowd your air fryer, some food will be undercooked, and others will be overdone.  This way might be too time-consuming on cooking.

too much food

It is advised that you digest all information and usage instructions to comprehend how much food your air fryer can cook in a cooking batch.  

Choose a wrong size

Nowadays most the manufacture can customize the air fryer with a variety of functions and sizes, which incidentally makes consumers feel confused in selecting the most suitable air fryer.

If you are about to purchase an air fryer that is too small, this may not only cause the food soggy and undercooked but also take you a lot of time on cooking.

 A 3.5 liter or smaller one is typically suitable and can make enough food  for family with less than 3 members. With bigger family which has more than 3 people, you can choose a 4 to 5 liter air fryer.  

Do not use cooking oil in your recipe

One of the worst mistakes that you might make when using an air fryer is that you will cut off the oil cooking or fat in fried dishes. 

It is basically understanding that your air fryer will help you to reduce oil to make slimmer versions of your deep-fried foods and healthier meals for your family. However, the fact is that you still need to use some oil to facilitate the cooking process. The best way is that you can use a cooking oil spray or brush with oil to ensure that your ingredient will be coated evenly.

Not checking foods during cooking

In case you own a closed-lip design air fryer  that was not allowed you see inside when air frying, please make sure to check on the food that is cooking and don’t just forget your airfryer after loading it with food.

It is a good idea to check in once in the middle of cooking time. You need to shake around your fries, roasted veggies even turn your food around so that it cooks evenly on all sides. For all your convenience, you can choose an air fryer that can invert food automatically. Besides, a glass air fryer,  which is newly promoted by some well-known brands,  is another perfect alternatives. It enables you to have a look at the progress of the food at each stage. There is no need to open the lid and check the status of the food while cooking.

Not clean your air fryer

Perhaps you are short on time or your air fryer looks relatively clean, so you skip cleaning it periodically. This can cause your air fryer basket to have sticky deposits that can interfere with the taste and smell of food when you use it the next time. Using liquid soap and warm water to soak and clean works perfectly every time. You could use vinegar or baking soda for tougher stains and keeping your Air fryer odor-free which will help your air fryer long time lasting and nice appearance for your dishes.

dirty air fryer
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